CVT stands for continuously variable transmission and is fast becoming a new version of the conventional automatic transmission. The CVT isn't only smoother than a typical automatic transmission or manual transmission, but it's also more fuel efficient.

How Does A CVT Work?

There aren't any gears in a continuously variable transmission. Instead, the CVT uses two cone-shaped pulleys that connect to the engine and the transmission. One pulley is connected to the engine and the other to the transmission and when you need more power to the wheels, one pulley will get longer and the other smaller.

What Toyota Models Have A CVT?

There are many new Toyota models that have a CVT included as a standard feature or available. Some of these include:

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If you'd like to see how a CVT truly drives, don't hesitate to stop by our Paul Miller Toyota dealership in West Caldwell. Get behind the wheel and take any of our new Toyota models for a test drive to experience the difference that a continuously variable transmission provides. If you have questions, our sales team is also available to talk more about the pros and cons of a CVT.

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