Search. Purchase. Relax. Our Paul Miller Accelerator can streamline the process, save time at the dealership, and be done from wherever you're most comfortable.

Step 1: Browse Our Inventory

When it is time to get your new or certified used Toyota, shop our wide collection of models with accelerator tool makes easy the dreams, at price you want, without spending hours looking around dealership. online and when finally come accross car just When you're ready, click the logo to get started. Don't see what you want? Don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can order you the exact model you've been dreaming of.

Step 2: Choose Your Terms

Are you looking to lease or finance? Maybe you aren't sure which is a better option using our Accelerator tool lets you explore all of your choices in a pressure free enviroment. You can even play around with how much money you would like to put down to get a monthly payment that fits your needs. It just takes a few clicks and a few quick questions to get you on the road to a new Toyota.

Step 3: Check For Specials

Our transparent shopping and buying experience at Paul Miller Toyota means you never need to think about savings because we have thought of it for you and want to ensure you get the very best possible deal. Explore the wide array of specials, incentivces, and rebates to get an even better deal!

Step 4: Value Your Trade-In

Take advantage of our Kelley Blue Book® trade-in tool and get an estimate in just minutes of what your current car, truck, or SUV may be worth. Answers a few questiosn about your vehicle and the condition and get a trade in value that may surprise you. You can even apply the trade value to the deal you create. If you have any questions about the value or want to speak with us about completing a trade we are always happy to connect with you via phone, email, or just walking in. Let us know how we can help you.

Step 5: Schedule A Test Drive

So you think you found "the one"? That's great, now let's get you scheduled for a test drive. See how you new vehicle will handle corners, explore the infotainment system, check out the truck, backseats, and storage. The test drive is a great way to get to know your new Toyota and make any last minute desisions. As always our dedicated team of Toyota specialists will answer all of your questions and provide you with the knowledge to make the right choice for your needs.

Step 6: Apply For Credit

Filling out your financial and credit applications ahead of time will save you time whether you chose to buy online or not. Complete the forms on your timeline and avopid having to bring everything into the dealership and risk forgetting something. Stress free credit applications and knowing that you are getting the best deal based on what you wnat in a monthly payment and vehcile makes buying online even easier. When you are ready submit your application and you are one step closer to driving off in a new Toyota.

Step 7: Get Your Certificate

You have made it and purchased your Toyota online congratulations! Shopping from home has never been more simple and you have done it all from the comfort of your home or office. Zero pressure or worries about getting the best deal because when you buy from Paul Miller Toyota you know that each step of the process has been transparent and upfront. When you come to collect your Toyota bring abloe yourr certificate to complete the deal! Saving time and money has never been this easy before. The Paul Miller Accelerator is the new way to shop for cars.

Have Questions? Our Paul Miller Team Would Love To Help

During the car-buying process, you can chat one of our team members through the Paul Miller Accelerator tool for more information. Our Paul Miller team can answer any questions you may have, whether they be about car leases or loans or a specific new model. We would also love to show you around our new and used inventories, and are prepared to assist you with whatever auto financing needs you may have. To learn more, feel free to chat us via the Paul Miller Accelerator tool, fill out the form below, or swing by one of our Paul Miller locations today!