How do You Jump-Start a Prius?

June 11th, 2018 by

toyota Prius

There are few things worse than getting in your car in West Caldwell, going to start the engine, and then nothing happens. It’s even more disconcerting when it’s your hybrid vehicle. If you’ve ever wondered how you jump start a Toyota Prius, Paul Miller Toyota is here to help.

Jump-Starting a Toyota Prius

This vehicle features Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system, but it also has a four-cylinder gas engine that uses a 12-volt battery. Like any other car battery, it can eventually need replacing or fall prey to human error like leaving the lights on all night. Because this is a hybrid, safely jump starting a Toyota Prius requires a few extra steps.

Step 1: Call a friend or loved one to help. Make sure both vehicles are parked and turned off. Open the hood of your Prius and find the fuse block cover, which is a rectangular piece of plastic. Open the lid and find the terminals for jump starting a dead battery.

Step 2: Attach the positive end of the jumper cables to your Prius and attach the other positive end to the assisting vehicle. Attach the negative end of the negative terminal of the assisting vehicle’s battery and attach the other negative end to an unpainted piece of metal.

Step 3: Have your friend or loved one start their engine and give it a gentle rev. Have them maintain that for about five minutes to provide enough electricity to restart you’re your battery. While your friend is doing that, start up the Prius hybrid system by turning the power switch ON. Watch for the “Ready” light to illuminate on the indicator panel.

Step 4: When the hybrid system is ready, remove the cables in the opposite order in which they were attached: negative end on metal, negative end on assisting vehicle, positive end on assisting vehicle, positive end on your Prius. Start your engine, and you’re ready to go!

Get Your Toyota Prius Inspected

After you jump start your Toyota Prius, it’s a good idea to schedule a service appointment and get it checked out to see if you need a new battery or is there’s another issue. Bring it to the Paul Miller Toyota service center in West Caldwell where our specially trained technicians diagnose any problems, or help you with automotive tips like how to care for your tires, or how to change your oil! Possibly interested in purchasing a Prius? Learn more, including how it compares to the Honda Accord Hybrid!

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