The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Is Ready To Tow Whatever You Need

911 × 550

When it comes to towing, many drivers don't think of a plug-in hybrid to handle their towing tasks. And while that may be the case for many other plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles, the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime SUV is here to prove that a plug-in hybrid powertrain can be both efficient and powerful.

How Much Can the Toyota RAV4 Prime Tow?

Up to 2,500-pounds! Many people have speculated at how much this new RAV4 could tow, with many suggesting that it would have the same 1,750-pound towing capacity as the RAV4 hybrid. However, that is not…

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We Speak Spanish At Paul Miller Toyota

Hispanic drivers have been counting on Paul Miller Toyota for their auto needs for years. If you're searching for a Spanish-speaking Toyota dealer in New Jersey, Paul Miller Toyota is proud to have a staff of friendly employees who speak a variety of languages, Spanish being one.

Cuando esté listo para visitar nuestro inventario de vehículos Toyota, diríjase hoy a Paul Miller Toyota. Contamos con un personal de profesionales amigables para ayudarlo en poco tiempo. Nuestro concesionario está convenientemente ubicado para atender a nuestros clientes de Parsippany y Wayne, NJ. 
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Enjoy The Open-Air Freedom The Panoramic Sunroof Of The Toyota RAV4 Provides

There's something about being able to see the outside world as you drive that makes any journey much more enjoyable. Whether you're cruising around in the summer sun, you're watching the raindrops as they hit the top of the vehicle, or you're sitting in the back seat of the RAV4 staring at the night sky, there are many reasons why having a Panoramic Sunroof would come in handy.

What is a Panoramic Sunroof?

A Panoramic Sunroof is a large or multi-panel sunroof that typically comes with openings for both the front and rear passengers. 

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Fast-Tracking Your Car Buying Experience With Our Paul Miller Accelerator

If you're looking to lease or finance a new Toyota, you'll want to take advantage of our simple, quick, and convenient Paul Miller Accelerator. Not only does this tool allow you to streamline the entire car purchasing process, but it also lets you do it right from your West Caldwell area home.

Follow These Seven Simple Steps to Buy Your New Toyota From Paul Miller Toyota

  1. Browse Our Inventory - We have a wide array of new Toyota and used vehicles in stock. Take a closer look to see which one best stands out to you.
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Discover The Advantages Of Leasing A New Toyota Versus Buying

You've found the right new Toyota car, truck, SUV, or van for you. Now what? Next comes the decision of whether you should lease or buy your new vehicle. While loaning is a great option for some, here are a few advantages that leasing a new Toyota contains.

  • Newest Toyota Models - A typical Toyota lease lasts three years, allowing you to upgrade to the newest Toyota vehicle every few years. This means that you'll have the opportunity to drive around the West Caldwell area with the latest Toyota design, newest powertrains, and most up-to-date technology.
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Why Buy Toyota Highlander?

Four Things to Know About the Redesigned, 2020 Model

Considering a new, three-row SUV for your family drives? At Paul Miller Toyota, we know you have plenty of options to consider here in the great West Caldwell area. But we invite you to go back to the beginning with us, to one of first three-row contenders to hit the market, the stellar Toyota Highlander. Newly redesigned for 2020, there's a lot to know and appreciate about this longtime fan favorite.

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Is There A Toyota Without A CVT?

CVT stands for continuously variable transmission and is fast becoming a new version of the conventional automatic transmission. The CVT isn't only smoother than a typical automatic transmission or manual transmission, but it's also more fuel efficient.

How Does A CVT Work?

There aren't any gears in a continuously variable transmission. Instead, the CVT uses two cone-shaped pulleys that connect to the engine and the transmission. One pulley is connected to the engine and the other to the transmission and when you need more power to the wheels, one pulley will get longer 


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How Does A Toyota Hybrid Work?

Toyota has branched out into the hybrid market and has made quite the impact in the hybrid world. From the Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the Toyota Prius to the Toyota Corolla and Toyota C-HR Hybrid models, there is a hybrid for every West Caldwell driver.

But How Does A Hybrid Work?

Each Toyota hybrid comes with a version of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system. This system combines two or more power sources to use less fuel and give you better gas mileage. There are multiple hybrid systems available, which include:

  • Full Hybrid System - 
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2019 Toyota Corolla Safety Ratings and Features

2019 Toyota Corolla Safety

West Caldwell NJ drivers prioritize safety for themselves and their passengers as much as they prize strong fuel economy returns, which is why the 2019 Toyota Corolla safety ratings and features are so noteworthy. Not only does this small car have an array of advanced driver assistance features, but it also boasts strong safety scores. Learn more and what the new Toyota Corolla has to offer with Paul Miller Toyota!
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