The Toyota Tundra is a tough truck that many Clifton, NJ, Montclair, NJ, and beyond drivers use for their daily commute as well as for their many weekend adventures. Not only is the Toyota Tundra known for its impressive capabilities and high capacities, but it also includes many technological advancements and creature comforts to make any Wayne, NJ, or Parsippany area drive that much better.

The one thing on most NJ drivers' minds, though, is "How does it perform in the tough winter weather?". To help answer those questions, the Toyota team recently put the new 2022 Toyota Tundra through several cold-weather tests.

What Winter Tests Were Performed?

The Toyota team brought the Toyota Tundra to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to discover how it performs in the tough winter weather. Here are a few winter tests that were performed

  • HVAC Performance
  • Vehicle Stability
  • Dynamic Handling Courses
  • Cold Chamber Inspection
  • Slush, Ice, and Deep Snow Driving
  • Traction and Handling Tests
  • Brake Performance
  • Towing and Hauling Tests
  • And Much More!

All of these tests help determine what's already great and what needs to be worked on. Executive Chief Engineer Mike Sweers said, "The goal is to understand what customers do in the snow, how our truck reacts, and how to calibrate it properly so that it has the best winter driving performance of any vehicle out there."

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