How Does A Toyota Hybrid Work?

Toyota has branched out into the hybrid market and has made quite the impact in the hybrid world. From the Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the Toyota Prius to the Toyota Corolla and Toyota C-HR Hybrid models, there is a hybrid for every West Caldwell driver.

But How Does A Hybrid Work?

Each Toyota hybrid comes with a version of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system. This system combines two or more power sources to use less fuel and give you better gas mileage. There are multiple hybrid systems available, which include:

  • Full Hybrid System - Using two separate powerplants, the full hybrid system contains a gas engine as well as a battery-powered electric motor. These can be used together or separate; it's up to you. The Toyota Prius is an example of a full hybrid system.
  • Parallel Hybrid System - This system uses a gas-powered engine as the main source of power but has an electric motor to help out. It adds more fuel-efficiency to your drive but can't run on just electric power.
  • Series Hybrid System - A rare system, the series hybrid system has an electric motor that does all the work with a gas engine powering the electric motor.

What Is The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive?

In the Toyota models, drivers will find a system that contains six primary parts, the gas engine, an electric motor, an electric generator, a power control unit, and a power split device. These all work together to switch and adapt as needed and will provide you with the best possible fuel-economy throughout your drive.

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